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Performs Common Occupational Skills

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When is Personal Protective Equipment required?

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How often should PPE be inspected?

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What is verified when inspecting PPE and safety equipment before use?

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What is the steepest slope that can be safely cut with a lightweight push lawnmower?

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What is the process of maintaining tools after working in a pest-infested garden?

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What is the main purpose of WHMIS?

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Secateurs (hand pruners) can be used to cut plants and branches that are between ½ to 1 inch thick.  What type of secateurs are an excellent choice for pruning green wood?

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What should be considered when selecting tools and equipment for a project?

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Before operating power tools and equipment, what steps are taken by the operator to ensure safe work?

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How much 2-stroke/cycle oil is added to 5 litres of fuel in a jerry can for a blower that requires a 50:1 mix?

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