Benefits of

Landscape.Jobs will help you Meet Your Match!

Services for the landscape and horticulture profession are in high demand. Landscape.Jobs is a valuable resource in finding right-fit opportunities for both job seekers and employers in the landscape and horticulture industry. Job seekers can be matched with landscape and horticulture job opportunities, and employers can find their best fit based on job applications and built-in predictive analytics.

  • For Job Seekers…
    1. Build a personal profile that you can add to over time, store resumes and cover letters, and set your preferences so that it is only visible to potential employers when you want it to be
    2. Be matched to right-fit job opportunities using built-in predictive analytics 
  • For Employers…
    • Candidates using a FitScore, an advanced and built-in analytics that measures how well each person suits the job
    • Cross-post your job openings on major sites like Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor
    • Streamline your hiring process by storing resumes, obtaining references, and contacting candidates all in one platform