Completing Your Apprenticeship

To be eligible to write your Certificate of Qualification Exam, an apprentice needs to have:

A Completed Training Standard

  • Ensure that your trainer(s) have signed each of the required skills and sections
  • Ensure that the employer sponsor has signed beside each section on page 19 & 20
  • Complete the last page, entitled Completing your Apprenticeship

Complete Approximately 5,400 hours of on-the-Job Training

  • These hours can be with a single employer or multiple
  • These hours equate to 3-4 years of training

A Letter from their Employer Sponsor

  • The letter must be on company letterhead and signed
    • Stating total hours (which should be approximately: 5,400 hours)
    • Stating that the apprentice is ready to complete their apprenticeship

Complete Both In-Class Training Levels

  • Level 1 and Level 2 must be successfully completed (passed)
  • The Ministry will verify that you have completed both levels
  • If you did not attend school and wrote exemptions tests, the certificates must be submitted and on file with the Ministry

If the Apprentice has completed the requirements above:

  1. Print and fill out the Ministry of Labour, Training, Skills Development (MLTSD) Completing your Apprenticeship Form
    Completing your Apprenticeship Form (PDF)
  2. The Apprentice will contact the MLTSD and submit their “Completing your Apprenticeship Form“. The MLTSD will advise the Apprentice of the required next steps.
  3. If the apprentice meets the requirements, the MLTSD will approve the completion of the apprenticeship. The Apprentice will gain their Certificate of Apprenticeship (C of A).
  4. The Apprentice will now automatically become a Journey-person Class Candidate with Skilled Trades Ontario (STO) formerly the Ontario College of Trades.
  5. A Journey-person Class Candidate is qualified to write their Certificate of Qualification Exam (C of Q) to become a Journey-person in the Trade.

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