What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship is a form of post-­secondary education like university or college. But there’s a big difference. Apprentices not only learn skills in a classroom, but receive paid, on­-the-­job training with your employer/sponsor. You can earn while you learn! Approximately 80% of the training happens on-­the­-job with your employer and the other 20% is completed in school over two 12 week winter semesters. Once registered, apprentices typically take between 4­-6 years to complete their training and certification requirements.

If you are ready to work and want to combine training with earning power, consider the apprenticeship program, where workplace-based training is provided under the direction of experienced mentors and trainers, combined with classroom training. The Ontario government pays for almost 85% of classroom training, supports apprentices with grants and some apprentices are eligible for EI grants during classroom training.

Advantages to Apprenticeship

  • Lower student debt as you can earn while you learn
  • Good pay
  • Higher job satisfaction
  • Gain recognized work experience
  • Exposed to hands on learning
  • Acquire skills that will last a lifetime and that open doors for promotion and entrepreneurship
  • Horticulture is recognized across Canada as a Red Seal Trade
  • Apprentices are eligible for financial incentives including training grants at the end of each in-­class training semester, in school loans and completion grants.
  • Apprenticeship loans
  • Apprentices may be eligible for EI while in-­school

For More Information on the Apprenticeship Program

Landscape Ontario Handout – Earn While you Learn (PDF)