Certificate of Qualification Exam

What is the Certificate of Qualification (C of Q) Exam?

The Certificate of Qualification exam is a test of an individual’s knowledge and competency related to the performance of tasks involved with the practise of a trade. If the candidate is successful in passing the C of Q, they will become a Red­Seal certified Journeyperson in the Trade.

General C of Q Information

Eligible Candidates:

­ Journey-person Class Candidates with a Certificate of Apprenticeship (Completed the Apprenticeship Program)


­ Candidates who have had a Trade Equivalency Assessment application approved (Exam Challenger)

Total Multiple Choice Questions: 125

Total Writing Time (without accommodation): 240 minutes (4 Hours)

Minimum Passing Grade Requirement: 70%


For More Information:

C of Q FAQ  (PDF)

Exam Process and Preparation (Skilled Trades Ontario)